Charlotte, a woman in her late thirties, is stranded in Berlin, her former home town. Leaving her belongings in a locker, she cleans herself up in a public bathroom. Then, equipped only with an evening dress, she tries to connect where she left off in the past.
We follow her through public spaces in Berlin. The airport, Bahnhof Zoo, a Bar, a money exchange. Spaces without identity, or at best with the borrowed identities of the people who use them for a short period of time.
With great concentration and anxiety, Charlotte fights her way through the city. She visits the opening of an exhibition where her snobby old friends still rejoice in affluence. For Charlotte, the glamorous life of the past has become a restless quest. A gulf is opening up between reality and her desires, between today and yesterday.
While Charlotte is being watched suspiciously by the passers-by, the charm she once emanated has diminished to the mere melancholy gleam in the eyes of her former lovers. The man she eventually ends up with in a bleak hotel room does not promise an "amour fou" anymore. The borders between one-night-stand and prostitution have begun to dissolve.
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